LA CaTS Volunteer Research Registry

LA CaTS Volunteer Research Registry

The Louisiana Clinical and Translational Sciences (LA CaTS) Volunteer Research Registry is a list of people interested in taking part in research studies in Louisiana. When you sign up with us, you can join studies that will help improve patient care.

Why should I participate in research studies?

Results from studies help us learn better ways to provide clinical care, improve treatments for diseases, prevent diseases and even find cures for diseases. Our studies also help with the safety and effectiveness of new drugs or treatments.

All our studies are closely supervised to protect participants from unnecessary side effects. Although there are potential risks in all medical treatments you will be told about these before you decide to participate

What institutions are conducting the research?

Researchers from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and Tulane University Medical Center in New Orleans may use this registry to contact you.

How will I find out about trials that may interest me?

If you register, we will contact you about studies that you may qualify for. You may also check out our list of current research studies.

LA CaTS Research Locations:

Louisiana State Univeristy Health Sciences Center - New Orleans

Tulane University